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Dessy Group

Began in 1939 as a bridal accessory company the Dessy Group, as it is now known, has gradually evolved into the global company it is today, featuring several top brands in bridesmaid and special occasion wear and accessories, including Dessy, After 6, Alfred Sung and Jenny Packham.  They have a premium collection of bridesmaid and flower girl dresses offering high end, contemporary choices, as well as accessories for the bridal party for both ladies and men.

Dessy grey floral bridesmaid dress


Alfred Sung

Alfred Sung D794
Alfred Sung designer dress
Alfred Sung junior dress D802_front
Alfred Sung junior bridesmaid D808_profile short
Alfred Sung bridesmaid dress D793_profile
Alfred Sung bridesmaid dress 9341-jade-front D761

After 6

6834_front After 6
6846_front After 6
Dessy After 6 6830
6843_front After 6
Dessy After 6 1549
Dessy After 6 6829

Dessy Collection

Dessy 3072 rouge
3079_front Dessy
Dessy 3057 NY Yellow
3074_front Dessy
3080_front Dessy jumpsuit
dessy 3055 in evergreen
3075_front Dessy
3087_front Dessy jumpsuit
Dessy 3058 suede rose

Social Bridesmaids

8205_profile social bridesmaid
9698-pspm-front!bgwh!cropt-big social 81
8203_front Social Birdesmaid
9700-rose-front!bgwh!cropt-big social 81
8206_front social jumpsuit

Studio Design

9357-prrd-front!bgwh-original 4540 S.D..
8800-sgrs-front!bgwh-original 4511 S.D..
8914-rosw-rear!bgwh-original 4525 S.D.

Thread Bridesmaid

Thread Bridesmaid TH039_front
Thread Bridesmaid TH050_front
Thread Bridesmaid TH044_front
Thread Bridesmaid TH055_front
Thread 9696-vale-front TH022
9383-midn-front!bgwh-original ukth010

Junior Bridesmaid and Flower Girls

Dessy Junior Bridesmaid JR5452
Alfred Sung junior bridesmaid dress
Dessy Junior Bridesmaid Dress 9201-dstr-JR544
Dessy Flower ~Girl Dress in ivory fl4030
Flower Girl Dress 1436ro-ivor-Dessy fl4002
Flower Girl Dress 9771-ivor-front Dessy fl4068


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